Our Mission

The main goal in our breeding program is to breed healthy, athletic Bull Terriers that are agreeable to discipline.  Also we compete with our stock against the standards of the American Kennel Club to see if we as breeders are within the Bull Terrier Standard.


We want to be able to say that we have done everything we can to produce a healthy dog. At 6 weeks of age our pups are tested for their hearing and hearts and get micro chipped. We test our breeding stock for kidney, heart and Luxtating Patellas.  This set of test is done after the dog is 18 months old. 

Because we wait usually two years before we breed our dogs we are able to assess whether this dog is going to further the Bull Terrier breed.


All show and breeding stock is sold with a guarantee and all dogs as of 2005 are sold with a micro chip ID.  We want to be able to stand before our MAKER with a clear conscience for the way we have produced and taken care of our animals.


Ted and Jan Gothan 916-456-3968

Sacramento, California USA